Keyboard brush cleaner

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Mini Computer Vacuum USB Keyboard Brush Cleaner Laptop Brush Dust Cleaning Kit Household Cleaning Tool Multi-Function Cleaner

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  • Removable dust cups, paper scraps, dust, and small particles can be cleaned at any time, easy and convenient.
  • It is divided into five parts: flat brush head, long flat suction head, dust cup, vacuum cleaner, and power cord.
  • Two kinds of vacuum cleaners can be used on different occasions.
  • The long flat nozzle suction head is used to clean the dust between small cracks. It is suitable for display, keyboard, and household appliances.
  • The flat mouth cleaning brush vacuum cleaner head is used for cleaning the keyboard and stained areas: keyboard, desktop, chassis.
  • A large suction head is used to absorb larger particles of garbage. It is suitable for desktop and small electrical appliances.


  • Net weight:70g
  • Size:14cm*3.5cm*4cm