Oyster sauce bottle nozzle

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Self-designed oyster sauce squeezer kitchen sauce bottle pressure nozzle pump head universal pressure nozzle kitchen gadget

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  • Household oyster sauce squeezer: to solve the problem of oyster sauce not being poured, it can be squeezed quantitatively, 2 ml at a time, with no excessive troubles, elegant and lovely appearance, quiet texture, round lines
  • Food-grade material is non-toxic, non-odor, reusable, hard to crack after a long time of use, healthy
  • Quantitatively squeeze 2ML once, press harder to avoid excessively
  • Universal rotating cap sealed and moisture-proof, easy to install, the pump can be directly rotated and pressed on the bottle mouth
  • Cut the hose according to the height of the bottle


  • Size: Small: 13*6*3cm/Large: 13*6*4cm (there is a slight error in manual measurement)
  • Outlet pipe: food grade PP; 
  • Hose: food-grade PE
  • Weight: Small: 39g/Large: 40g
  • Large size (34MM), suitable for 90% brand oyster sauce corresponding to 28-32MM (without cap) oyster sauce bottle
  • Small (29MM), suitable for 24-27MM (without cap) oyster sauce bottle