Portable electric water flossing oral rinse

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Commodity Quality Certification: 3C
Age Group: Adults
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery


Powerful and efficient to clean your teeth thoroughly.
High water steam massages your teeth and gum.
Waterproof and the tank is removable, easy to clean.
Prevents gum line bleeding, gingivitis and eliminates oral smell Perfect for orthodontics, bridges,
crowns and implants.
No awkward cords or tanks, great for travel or a quick cleaning between meals.
Providing a great and healthy environment for your tooth and gum line.

How to use:
Open the lid, pour water/Mouthwash
Press the water switch to adjust the gear rinse the mouth.
Use it cleaning your tooth. This will clean food debris between teeth and gums. Flushing until all the areas between the teeth and gums are cleaned.

Package Contents

1 X Dental Water Jet