Portable Folding Fans

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Portable Remote Controlled Fans | Cooling Folding Spray Humidification | Lighting | 7200mah Battery | Air Conditioning Appliances | USB fan


  • Spray humidification, replenish water and cool down, fill with water once, spray for 4 hours, indirect spray. (Note: Do not fill up the water for the product spray nozzle leaks!)
  • Table lamp lighting function, independent switch control 2 gears
  • Sleep night light auxiliary function, independent switch 2 gears
  • Mobile phone support function
  • Power bank function, the base has an output USB interface to charge the phone
  • size: 206*206*1038mm
  • attributes: built-in full capacity 7200 mAh battery, charging 4 hours, battery life can be as long as 6-24 hours